Cleverly Other Perspectives


Cleverly Other Perspectives

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Logically, reading is better than alcohol.
If some things are not perfect, they reach more appeal eventually.
Jealousy is dangerous! Jealousy creates war.
For some affordable future, the environment has to get expensive.
Brutality is no medication!
Plastic gases in the air are dangerous for the planet!
Violence is not the way!
An intellectual attitude towards the environment will prevail.
In many respects, with their knowledge and behaviour, women let men stand in the shadow.
The price for fish that lives in quality water is simply better!
Smoking runs into an addiction usually!
Technology has equipped us with the ability to measure negativity.
Many people are not aware of the fact that they take too much washing powder!
Well, I understand it now! You do not know what to do.
Bob Marley was fighting for Cannabis. Tommy is fighting for women.
Isn’t the plastic crisis on the shores worth a bit? Recycle!
Sustainably growing rainforest trees? One could have a regular income!
A smiling fish brings you a smile in your face!
The motor is the heart of your vehicle. Take care of it!
Isn’t it extreme already?
It matters how you drive your vehicle!
A solution offers the phenomenon TREE!
First there is the attitude, then there are results – Climate Change.
Fishes are social. They like to be in company!
The world is ‘ungerecht.’ Really!
Do not make Climate Change a business, it has become a Religion!
Often, some plastic product could be used, but it’s thrown away!
Violence is dangerous!
The planet’s heat cannot be sold! One needs to pay and invest for a cool place.
Going for oil is a short-sighted business! The future is greener!
Wood is one of the things towards a manageable future!
Start using the power of waves on the shores!
Can elements of a printer be wooden?
Music is entertainment, not some field to drag out money!
Believe in economy! It is modern.
Building materials. The properties are similar, but the thought is different!
Trees have a function! Wood is some good alternative!
Do not let the clouds get plastic-yellow!
Trees eat CO2. A tree is a CO2-tree.
Know the difference between city air and clean air on the country!
Humans have to provide some habitat for animals!
Give an African a trumpet and she/he is a musician!
Do not make money with waste – rather reduce waste!
Ask your shoe where its materials come from!
Trees are necessary!
To be successful, focus on quality!
It is not necessary that clothes smell mainly of washing powder!
We have already a new cloud type!
Understand your food waste habit!
Take care of your devices!
A good fish life tastes good!
Switch off unnecessary lamps around you!
Support your winter warmth with electric radiators!
Smoking is dangerous!
Look on the clouds!
Use rather the tram than the bus!
The environment is no big business!
Without cold there would be no clouds!
See the benefit of being economic!
Try to catch a fish and not the species!
Say goodbye to oil!
Use the wind!
Let the sun support your need!
Take responsibility!
Do not call somebody ugly!
Avoid driving unnecessarily fast!
Show me variety!
Do not smoke plastic!
Do not frighten animals!
Use money for something lasting!
Let show you the sun by the bees!
Have a tree in sight!


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